Fixed Teeth In a Day

Extractions, Implant & Fixed teeth all in a single appointment

Fixed Teeth in a Day Fixed Implant Bridge

Fixed Teeth in a Day!
Same day Dental Implants?
All-on-4….. All-on-6…..

It’s all the same!

Missing or failing teeth can now be restored using dental implants and a fixed non-removable bridge in a single day!

There is no need to travel abroad to save money. UK dentists are the most regulated in the world so you have assurances of the best care right here.

There is also no need to travel to expensive clinics in London’s West End such as Harley Street or Wimpole Street just to pay more for the address! You can have the same thing at a much lower price in Watford, Herts.

So who is it for?

People that have very few remaining teeth or no teeth at all, we can provide you with a regular denture, an implant-supported denture OR by using this special concept you may be eligible to have “fixed teeth in a day”.

This is often possible even if there has already been some bone loss due to either infection or teeth being missing for an extended period of time. The treatment is of particular interest for patients who have little time and want as little downtime as possible.

The main category of patients who may not be eligible are those who have complex medical histories and uncontrolled diabetes.

How is it done?

The implants that we use are shaped like the roots of natural teeth.
As a result, the existing jaw bone can be very well utilised and preserved because we tend to remove failing teeth and place the new implants into the same places where the teeth were in the bone at the same time.

Studies have shown that dental implants are often longer can remain healthy if they are anchored in the natural rather than grafted bone. Therefore, this process of immediate replacement implants works well.

Fixed Teeth in a Day Fast and Fixed teeth

In conventional implant cases, initially only the implant is inserted. For the subsequent healing period, the gum is closed over and must be re-opened after several months in order to screw in a connection post (abutment). In the meantime a temporary prosthesis of some kind may be in place.

With this concept, “Fixed Teeth in a Day” the connection post is inserted at the same time with the dental implant and the long-term provisional restoration on top. This saves a second surgical appointment, time and of course extra cost as well.

There is a requirement for the simultaneous insertion of the implant and the dental prosthesis to be sufficiently stable and fixed into the jaw bone. We plan and check this in advance with digital imaging.

We can assess the jawbone accurately with CT scans and in addition we can compensate for a certain artefacts such as the sinuses and nerve opening by placing implants at angles in the back of the jaws.

The teeth received on the day of surgery are NOT the final teeth and anyone that tells you this is misleading you. Implants will take 4-6 months to heal and during that healing time a soft diet is required.

The process to design, produce and fit the final teeth can take 4-6 weeks and that is after the implants have been checked to be fully integrated with the bone. Total treatment time in these cases is therefore 5-7 months.

Treatment Fees

Every case will vary slightly so please come along and have a consultation where we can provide you with a treatment plan and fixed cost specific to your case.

The fees below are provided as a guide.

Upper jaw done with 6 implantsfrom £16,000 SAVE up to £4,000
Lower jaw done with 4 implantsfrom £13,500 SAVE up to £3,500
Both jaws done together with 10 implantsfrom £27,000 SAVE up to £10,000

Our Approach

Here at Skin & Smiles our dental surgeons have over 22 years of experience in Implant Dentistry and have a high success rate thanks to adhering to a strict clinical protocol with all cases.

Dr. Murgai, our CEO and Clinical Director, has trained in many European countries besides the UK to be able to provide the latest and most clinically proven techniques. Each has an evidence base of clinical and aesthetic success.

We favour the Bioner Implant system from Spain, to cater for a range of clinical need, but can restore any system if you already have dental implants.

We are a referral centre for implant surgery accepting cases from other dentists both simple and complex.

ALL treatment is provided in-house and all is with an aesthetic bonus – mixing function with cosmetics!
We can show prospective clients images of our own work so that they can see real cases from start to finish and also have the opportunity to speak to these people to get an unbiased view.

Reasons why YOU should choose US to provide your dental implants:

  • British trained & qualified surgeons established with a high success rate over the last 22 years
  • We only use branded, high quality systems and materials
  • We pride ourselves in our technique and after-treatment care – see testimonials
  • The gold standard is available to you locally without the risks of going abroad – most failed cases that you hear about online or on the TV have been done very cheaply abroad
  • Hotel deals can be arranged for clients traveling long distances to us
  • Dental implants from less than £1.25 per day – see our finance options
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Stephanie K
Stephanie K
12 April 2022
Every visit to this clinic has been a pleasure, not something one would normally hear about the dentists, but I wanted to share my experience at Skin and Smiles, I almost look forward to the next visit. I took advantage of a first free consultation in which my options were outlined, and led onto several others for investigation, 3D scanning, Xrays, and discussions about what I wanted to achieve. Dr Murgai is honest in what can be achieved, is most detailed in his explanations of treatment and costs. His range of high-tech equipment is outstanding and it complements his professional skill and personable manner, along with his in-depth knowledge and consummate expertise has ensured each visit has been most beneficial. He explained each step of the process and allowed me several options with a full financial breakdown of costs and the honest expectation of the desired outcome. There was no pressure to chose the any particular options, the possibilities of what could be achieved and at what price was my choice and I’m so very pleased with the work. The team at this clinic are pleasant, professional and most importantly are friendly yet efficient; nothing is too much trouble. I always feel confident in their capacity to put me at my ease. The practice manager phones a couple of days after major works to enquire how I feel and I know that if there was a problem, their 24-hour support line is there if needed. I know they would accommodate me at very short notice, later the same day if needed. The team which surrounds Dr Murgai are wonderful, his practice manager, his dental nurses, his hygienist, and his laboratory technicians are superb and experts in their particular dental field. My teeth/gums have deteriorated over the years and whilst I’ve had treatment by other dentists over the years, it was time to seriously assess my long-term prospects. Dr Murgai took a holistic approach of my mouth, and we discussed the options available. This was reassuring and I didn’t feel as though I was just another customer. The different costs of alternative treatments were thoroughly explained in a treatment plan and I was given the choice of which of the packages I wanted. I’ve felt safe and reassured in every way since my first free consultation to my very soon to be completed transformation. I had contemplated going abroad for implants as the cost was less, I can emphatically state that having a local professional expert clinic was been the best option for me. I am so pleased I chose Skin and Smiles for my work; it’s been worth the investment. They are dedicated professionals and worthy of my utmost praise and recommendation.
Marian Moldovan
Marian Moldovan
8 February 2022
They have done a very good job, even though they have pulled my tooth out! A team that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Great job Skin & Smile 👏
Tony Dolente
Tony Dolente
15 December 2021
After searching for a while to find a decent dentist I found skin and smiles just by reading the reviews I knew I would be in safe hands ..and I was right , I had 4 very loose bottom teeth and I opted for implants , it was a very long journey for me as I started in February and only recently finished but it was well worth it, Dr Gulshan and all the staff were very professional and friendly from start to finish , and I will be continuing to use there service from now on , keep up the good work ... and thank you for all you done .. Wishing you all a very happy Xmas and a happy new year ... 🙂
Helen Hopping
Helen Hopping
2 August 2021
I went to skin and smiles as I had previously been unhappy with 2 other dentists and I was aware that I could be in danger of losing another tooth. I wanted one place to go to get everything sorted and not to have to look for a specialist for crowns, implants etc Very professional service and I was immediately made to feel at ease and I knew I had made the right choice I had to have a crown on a tooth that was cracked and this was all sorted within the same appointment, very impressive I also needed an implant and whilst this took several months from start to finish, I knew I was in good hands. I had a little discomfort which dissipated after a few days I am so pleased with how my teeth look and would definitely recommend them
Gembiczki Enikő
Gembiczki Enikő
5 July 2021
The best dental surgery in Watford and around I am more than happy to start my treatment with S&S. It was a long journey, but you made my treatment so relaxing. More than happy to go back any time. Friendly environment and kind people ready to help you.🤗 A big thank you to the team 🙏🏽
Kristina Taylor
Kristina Taylor
30 October 2020
I recently completed the process of a tooth implant which was rather lengthly as it also involved an extraction and bone graft. I cant recommend Dr Murgai and his team highly enough. Professional dentistry at its best. Thank you I am thrilled with the results Kind regards Kristina Taylor
Graham Smith
Graham Smith
21 October 2020
Just a few words to say thanks to Dr Murgai and all the team at Skin and Smiles post my treatment for a dental implant. Firstly I would like to echo the reviews from those who have reservations regarding dental treatment. As someone who is anxious with dental care I can say that my treatment was first class. I was completely put at ease by their care, communication and professionalism. In my case the treatment was complex, including an extraction, yet was carried out without causing me any discomfort or worry and I am extremely pleased with the quality of the work Dr Murgai has undertaken. Their surgery is modern and well equipped while the interior is well lit and comfortable. It really does put you at ease from the start. It is also within easy walking distance of Watford tube station. I thoroughly recommend this practice and would have no hesitation in returning in future should I require similar treatment.

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