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Straightening Teeth

Here at Skin & Smiles we have been providing orthodontic services to both adults and children for 10 years.
All of our orthodontic services are provided on a Private basis. As a result, there are no waiting lists or restrictions to an individual receiving treatment.

We have completed a number of very complex cases over the years ranging from 5-24 months duration of treatment time. See the image sliders on the following pages to get an idea of the results we have achieved.

We can offer you the option of Fixed braces for complex cases, and High-tech cases using the original clear aligner technology planned, designed and made in the UK.

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Fixed Braces

Fixed braces

Fixed orthodontic treatments can be quicker and give a more predictable result than the new “Quick-fix” systems being advertised.

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Clear Aligners

We have been providing clear braces in our practice since 2005. This is still the only system where you can get to see the proposed tooth movements before you commit to any treatment.

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