Removable orthoAt Skin & Smiles we have been providing orthodontic solutions using fixed braces for over 10 years.
We continue to provide treatments to both adults and children independently of the Health Service. As a result there is no age barrier and more importantly there is no waiting list when you choose to have orthodontics with us.


When you first attend for an assessment we will ensure that your overall oral health is stable. This is extremely important because any problems that may occur during orthodontic treatment will be more difficult to treat and may well slow the progress of your case. For people who do not have a General Dentist we are happy to provide a plan for remedial treatment prior to starting orthodontic therapy.
Typically removable appliances are used for more simple cases in the upper jaw or to start of a complex case that will later be completed with fixed braces.

We can move a single tooth or a group of teeth next to each other using this technique. We can also use these types of appliance to widen the upper arch to create space. Typical treatment times with removable appliances are up to 8 months. For best results, the appliance needs to be worn night an day and only removed for eating or cleaning the teeth.


Once we have completed your treatment and provided you with a result that you are happy with we will also provide you with a retainer to hold the final position of your teeth. Typically a retainer needs to be used for at least TWICE as long as the period of active orthodontics.

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