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At Skin & Smiles we have been providing orthodontic solutions using fixed braces for over 10 years.

We continue to provide treatments to both adults and children independently of the Health Service. As a result there is no age barrier and more importantly there is no waiting list when you choose to have orthodontics with us.

Complexity is not an issue either. We have digital X-ray facilities on site and routinely take on cases that can take from 6-24 months.


When you first attend for an assessment we will ensure that your overall oral health is stable. This is extremely important because any problems that may occur during orthodontic treatment will be more difficult to treat and may well slow the progress of your case. For people who do not have a General dentist we are happy to provide a plan for remedial treatment prior to starting orthodontic therapy.


We will listen to your requirements and decide with you if this is appropriate treatment. If so we will tailor a plan to your case that gives you an idea of treatment time and cost. The time scale depends on complexity and also other factors such as tooth position, bone density and even race. We can give you the choice of either stainless steel or tooth-coloured brackets. We also have tooth-coloured wires and clear elastics available to hide the components as much as possible.


Another term given to fixed braces is “Sliding Mechanics”. We apply either metal or tooth-coloured brackets to the mid-point of the teeth and then fixed a wire through the slots on the brackets. The teeth are then allowed to slide along the wire into the “ideal” position. The teeth move because the wire is known as “memory” wire and tends to move back to it’s original shape after it is bent to fit into the slots on the brackets of poorly aligned teeth.


In cases of mild crowding we gain space to move the teeth by gently reducing the enamel between the teeth before placing the brackets and wires. This process is known and enamel stripping and can be done without any anaesthetic. See the process in the video below.


Good oral hygiene is essential when wearing an orthodontic appliance and can be quite difficult when wearing a fixed brace. Poor plaque control around the brackets can lead to decay and permanent damage to tooth surfaces. Daily use of inter-dental brushes in and around the appliance will remove plaque from areas not normally accessible by regular tooth brushing.

Once we have completed your treatment and provided you with a result that you are happy with we will also provide you with a retainer to hold the final position of your teeth. Typically a retainer needs to be used for at least TWICE as long as the period of active orthodontics.

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