Digital Imaging

big_Duo_1At Skin & Smiles we took the bold step of investing in our own in-house CT Scanner in 2011.

Our clients benefit from accurate diagnosis and planning ensuring the best possible results with the greatest predictability.

We also have the services of a senior radiologist within our team that can assist us in the planning of complex cases when we see unusual anatomy.


Because we own our scanner we can be very competitive with our fees and also provide scanning and implant planning services to other dental practices.

3D scanning is not indicated in every case but these days can be used for more than just the planning of implant related cases. Anybody thinking about having dental implants should beware of practices that demand 3D scans for every case.

At Skin & Smiles we follow the latest prescribing guidelines from the Royal College of Surgeons (Faculty of General Dental Practice) to ensure patient safety with regards radiation exposures.

We use our scanner for:

  • Implant planning and assessments to accurately predict their ideal position
  • Planning of complex grafting procedures
  • Planning of sinus lifts
  • Assessment and planning of complex endodontic (root treatment) procedures
  • Assessments of the sinuses and related structures in the treatment of chronic sinus disease

Taking a 2D or 3D scan is very easy. You are positioned within the machine (as shown above) in a standing position. A radiography-qualified operator will set up the software and machine accordingly and the machine will rotate around you taking from 10-25 seconds.

In most cases it takes just a few minutes to take a high resolution scan. The processing times can vary but we will contact you within 24 hours to tell you the results of your scan if we cannot advise you at the time of your appointment.

We have been using digital X-ray imaging at the practice since 2005. A primary of digital imaging is to keep patient radiation doses to a minimum.

The CT scanner that we use in unlike the larger machines that are seen in hospitals. We use a cone-beam scanner that is specifically designed for the use of scanning the head and neck area.

The video below is from our Partner/Supplier in CT Imaging and gives you an idea about what we have invested in.


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