At Skin & Smiles we have been using digital dentistry since the first week that we opened in 2004.

Initially this was using CEREC 3D technology. Over the years Dr Murgai has placed thousands of these restorations as same-day crowns for hundreds of satisfied clients. CEREC technology is not new and has now been around for over 30 years. Dr Murgai went on to become one the UK’s most well respected lecturers in CEREC use in general practice, He has trained hundreds of his colleagues all around the UK in CEREC technology.

As early adopters of new technology, Skin & Smiles has now moved into the latest realms of Digital Dentistry having acquired 3D-printing technology specifically for use in dentistry as well as a new Intra-Oral Scanner (IOS). We bought the new scanner in 2017 and since then have almost completely done away with conventional dental impressions in at least 90% of cases.

Everybody that we have scanned to date has found it to be an easier and more relaxed experience than having an impression taken. We can use the scanner for normal tooth-related dental treatment therapies as well as implant-related.

Potential Uses

  • Comparing changes in tooth shape, position, size and form over time – for instance to monitor tooth wear problems
  • Orthodontics – to plan tooth movements using digital software and then present that to clients with a short video clip
  • Restorative – to replace silicone impressions when placing crowns, onlays, inlays and or veneers
  • Implant-related – from safe surgical planning to restoring implants with crowns and bridges
  • Study models – to plan complex cases without the patient having to remain in the clinic

Benefits of Digital Scanning

  • High Precision
  • Simple Process
  • No more physical impressions
  • No loss of data accuracy over time
  • Easy transfer of data to anywhere in the world
  • Collaborate with other colleagues
  • Educate clients and colleagues about new findings

At Skin & Smiles we looked at all of the leaders in the market of Intra-Oral Scanning and are proud to now be working closely with the Carestream Dental company who produce the CS3600 scan.

Watch the video below to see what all the fuss is about. At Skin & Smiles, several members of the team and trained and experienced in using the scanner and it does not require a visit to see the dentist.


For more information just give us a call, send an email or just click the link above to book online.

Our standard fee for upper and lower digital scanning of the whole is £59 and usually takes around half an hour.


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