If you have unfortunately lost some of your own natural teeth and are left with unsightly gaps, a partial denture may be a viable option. Partial dentures replace individual missing teeth and restore a natural looking smile and healthier appearance.

In addition to replacing missing teeth, a well designed partial denture will also aid in maintaining the condition of your remaining teeth and prevent their movement in empty spaces.

The construction of partial dentures is a science itself. Correct design is fundamental in maintenance of the remaining natural teeth.

As part of this process we require an assessment of the remaining teeth prior to the construction of your new partial denture. This is done by Dr. Murgai (In-house Dental Surgeon) prior to you starting denture treatment.

Dr. Murgai will ensure that the remaining natural teeth are sound enough to support a partial denture. In the event that they are not he will suggest that you either complete a course of remedial treatment with your general dentist or with us prior to starting denture treatment.


Metal-based dentures are an alternative to acrylic partial dentures. Smaller and lighter and stronger, they tend to leave most of the palate uncovered. This allows individuals to enjoy the flavours and temperatures of their food & drink and communicate without denture bulk getting in the way. Their increased strength means that they are less likely to fracture too.

With all partial dentures it is UK Law that you have a consultation with a qualified dentist such as Dr. Murgai who will create a treatment plan for you after your initial consultation. In some cases our entire team will work together to ensure that you get the best service and the quickest turn around with the least number of appointments.

If this sounds like the type of solution that you need please give us a call NOW to book and initial COMPLIMENTARY consultation.

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