toothache-xs-300x300One of the most common problems with dentures is the fit.



Dentures are extremely different than having natural teeth. It takes some time to get used to having them in your mouth. At first, eating and talking can be difficult tasks.
As time passes you will get more and more used to the dentures being in your mouth, and you will learn how to talk and eat with them.


Dentures should be cleaned thoroughly either with warm water or a specialist denture toothpaste. Shake off excess water, dry with a tissue and apply the fixative. Using too much fixative may result in ‘oozing’.


Using smaller amounts may provide better stability. The amount used will vary between dentures and how well they fit in the first place. A good fixative applied in the morning should last all day!!


Partial dentures can sometimes move as gums change shape. Securing the denture to an existing tooth can be the solution. A stud can be fixed to an adjacent tooth. The partial denture then ‘clicks’ onto this stud to secure it in place.


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