Dental hygiene services at Skin & Smiles:

Oral hygiene

At Skin & Smiles we are very lucky to be able to offer the services of a dental hygienist! We can offer the following:

• Teeth scaling & polishing
– over one or multiple visits according to agreed need

• Tooth surface stain removal
– very effectice at the removal of tea, coffee and nicotine stains

• Teeth whitening
– can only be legally performed by Dentists and DCPs in the UK. This is the most effectice way to achieve and maintain a brighter smile.
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• Dental radiographs
– to be taken when there is clear clinical justificaion

• Bad breath treatments
– this embarrasing problem can be made to go away forever whn the cause has been idetified and treated correctly

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A dental hygienist plays an integral role in a dental health care as part of the team and are registered with our governing body as Dental Care Professionals (DCPs).
Their work mainly concerns preventative dental health and treatment gum disease. They will show you home care techniques that are tailored to your specific oral healthcare needs. This will help you to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Flossing technique

Our hygienist will professionally clean your teeth by removing soft and hard deposits from the teeth and gum margin.
She will show you the best way to keep those areas clean in the short and long term.

She will work with other members of the dental team to give you care that is tailored to your needs. She will also advise you about dietary issues to help prevent tooth decay and gum problems.

At your visit to our hygienist she will take a brief history and then examine you.
She will monitor the progression of gum health and disease by checking the depth of any pockets around the teeth.

Our hygienist will check for signs of bad breath, early signs of oral cancer, bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity.

Dental Hygiene Service Fees

Some of the services listed below are included in our practice Membership Scheme. Please click here for more info.

Simple Scale & polish – 30-60 mins sessions (case dependent)  From £55
Simple Scale & polish with needle-free anaethetic – 45-60 mins sessions (case dependent)  From £65
Stain Removal with Air Polisher – 45-60 mins appointment (case dependent)  From £107

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