Block bone grafting is done when there is a large section of bone that is missing. Long term tooth loss or trauma to the front of the mouth can lead to substantial bone loss over time. This procedure is used to stabilize and fixate bone grafts and bone filling materials for the regeneration of bone in the oral cavity. Utilising various bone grafting methods, our surgeons can increase the width and height of the bone so that an implant can safely be placed. 

block bone grafting

  • When this is the case and implants are being considered, block grafts are often the only way forward.
  • This is a complex procedure require planning and skill.
  • This treatment is only offered to non-smokers.

Autogenous Bone Graft

A block of bone can be harvested from the other parts of  your jawbone (chin or ramus) and can be grafted to the future implant site. The grafted block bone usually requires 4-5 months of healing before an implant can be placed. The main advantage of this grafting material is the significantly reduced risk rejection since the material came from the same source (the patient’s own body).

Other Bone Graft Materials

Other options for bone graft materials include allografts (material harvested from another person other than the patient); xenografts (demineralised bovine bone, harvested from a cow); and synthetic graft materials (such as calcium phosphate).

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