Fixed Teeth in a Day implant service in our London based private dental clinic.

Fixed Teeth in a Day Fixed Implant Bridge

Fixed Teeth in a Day!… Same day Dental Implants?…. All-on-4….. All-on-6…..

It’s all the same. Missing or failing teeth can now be restored using dental implants and a fixed non-removable bridge in a single day!

There is no need to travel abroad to save money. UK dentists are the most regulated in the world so you have assurances of the best care right here.

There is also no need to travel to expensive clinics in London’s West End such as Harley Street or Wimpole Street just to pay more for the address! You can have the same thing at a much lower price in Watford, Herts.

So who is it for?

People that have very few remaining teeth or no teeth at all, we can provide you with a regular denture, an implant-supported denture OR by using this special concept you may be eligible to have “fixed teeth in a day”.

This is often possible even if there has already been some bone loss due to either infection or teeth being missing for an extended period of time. The treatment is of particular interest for patients who have little time and want as little downtime as possible.

The main category of patients who may not be eligible are those who have complex medical histories and uncontrolled diabetes.

How is it done?

The implants that we use are shaped like the roots of natural teeth.
As a result, the existing jaw bone can be very well utilised and preserved because we tend to remove failing teeth and place the new implants into the same places where the teeth were in the bone at the same time.

Studies have shown that dental implants are often longer can remain healthy if they are anchored in the natural rather than grafted bone. Therefore, this process of immediate replacement implants works well.

Fixed Teeth in a Day Fast and Fixed teeth

In conventional implant cases, initially only the implant is inserted. For the subsequent healing period, the gum is closed over and must be re-opened after several months in order to screw in a connection post (abutment). In the meantime a temporary prosthesis of some kind may be in place.

With this concept, “Fixed Teeth in a Day” the connection post is inserted at the same time with the dental implant and the long-term provisional restoration on top. This saves a second surgical appointment, time and of course extra cost as well.

There is a requirement for the simultaneous insertion of the implant and the dental prosthesis to be sufficiently stable and fixed into the jaw bone. We plan and check this in advance with digital imaging.

We can assess the jawbone accurately with CT scans and in addition we can compensate for a certain artefacts such as the sinuses and nerve opening by placing implants at angles in the back of the jaws.

Treatment Fees

Every case will vary slightly so please come along and have a consultation where we can provide you with a treatment plan and fixed cost specific to your case.

The fees below are provided as a guide.

Upper jaw done with 6 implants from £12,500 SAVE up to £6,000
Lower jaw done with 4 implants from £9,500 SAVE up to £4,000

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