Faith in Dentists restored!

I genuinely don’t bother with reviews unless it’s to either complain or commend outstanding service.. this is one of outstanding service.
Like most people, I was terrified of anyone going near my mouth with tools, the thought of any kind of oral surgery would give me nightmares.. That changed when I started seeing these guys!
During my very first consultation everyone was so welcoming, it was a very pleasant surprise to other places I’ve been to. Maria, Laura & Justyna are all so amazing, and of course the main man himself Dr. Murgai – magician could be added to the title at some point?

I’ve been with them coming up to 3 years now. Had lots of work done, surgery, orthodontics, extractions – I would never have done any of this before but now I am honestly no longer scared of having anything done as long as it’s Dr. Murgai carrying out the work. The team are always checking you’re comfortable regardless of what you’re having done.

Well worth the visit, definitely is high end care and better than a certain “prestigious” Street services I’ve seen. I’ve recommended this clinic to everyone who tells me I have nice teeth 🙂 which I get a lot now!

I am forever grateful to these guys for transforming the way I look, I smile with my teeth showing now and it feels amazing. Even if I moved out of the country, I’d still fly in to have my teeth looked at here. Seriously. I look forward to seeing my dentist now, even when I know he will tell me off for not flossing.